06th AUG, 2019


Food cards are available. Please contact info@emc2019.net. Payment accepted by bank-wire transfer or cash

29th JUN, 2019


Germany is able to offer up to 25 AMOD-Logger for rent. It will be charged 10 Euro for the championship period.  A Deposit of 50 € will be given back when the device will be returned. Contact:  Wolfgang Lintl <wolfgang.lintl@t-online.de>

6th JUN, 2019

Bulletin#2 Announced

Please check the bulletin#2 with some more information about the championship, location, etc.

8th May, 2019

Official Map Announced

Please check the official Map in Documents section

27th March, 2019

MTOW weights changed

Solo – 400 kg MTOW
Others – 600 kg MTOW